Cops And Robbers
  • alexisiopalexisiop
    Posts: 5IGN: alexisiop
    This map is a mini-game similar to The Game, where the prison warden is like the game-master. However, there is actually a clear goal in Cops And Robbers: escape the prison without being caught by the warden. It would be a nice map to do with the maximum 6 people (or more). It was also played by SkyDoesMinecraft, SSundee, BajanCanadian, and other YouTubers very recently and may have growing popularity. You might need to use Skype or something to play, but it is possible to do it with the ingame chat (from what I can imagine).

    Download/Project Info Link:

    Side Note: Sorry if there was a specific layout for the title in this section that I didn't follow
  • sneakydogsneakydog Bronze Donator
    Posts: 498IGN: sneakyddog
    i support this map suggeston because i saw the do it 2 

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  • GustavCreeperGustavCreeper
    Posts: 5IGN: gustav_creeper
    I think this map should be added. I have been having problems setting up a server lately and this map is AWESOME
  • SevaruSevaru Gold Donator
    Posts: 63IGN: sevaru
    I'll give this map a try and feedback later today. It sounds interesting!
  • GustavCreeperGustavCreeper
    Posts: 5IGN: gustav_creeper
    So this map is gonna be Playable. IM SO VERY HAPPY
  • tetonictetonic Gold DonatorVolunteer
    Posts: 460IGN: tetonic
    No one has confirmed this yet.You will just have to wait and see.
  • GustavCreeperGustavCreeper
    Posts: 5IGN: gustav_creeper
    Aww that took my hapiness away
  • SevaruSevaru Gold Donator
    Posts: 63IGN: sevaru
    Although the concept is awesome, I just don't like the gameplay. This doesn't get a thumbs up from me because it is a very basic map, with not a lot to do - 'cops' will get wise and abuse the fact that if you aren't allowed in the staff only section - you will NOT escape! You need to escape without the cop knowing - but they will see your every move.

    You also cannot get out of your cell unless a cop opens the door meaning the element of surprise is irrelevant.
  • angryguy2012angryguy2012 Bronze Donator
    Posts: 544IGN: angryguy2012
    @sevaru agreed.They will need a few things.
  • ibney0ibney0 Alpha Donator
    Posts: 5IGN: ibney0
    i agree
  • AwesomeAntloAwesomeAntlo
    Posts: 21IGN: awesomeantlo
    Actually, There are a few ways to get out of your cell without the cops letting you out. You will need to play the map to find out the secrets... I Would love this map :D 
  • tetonictetonic Gold DonatorVolunteer
    Posts: 460IGN: tetonic
    I do not see this being a fitting map for A.L.  In all the games I've played on this service I have always come across someone who:

    A: Doesn't follow the rules
    B: Is new to minecraft
    C: Is very impatient.
    D: Total Griefer

    All which need to not happen if this map was to be put on A.L. I think that this community (even though I love it) would not fit this map, there will be a lot of flame going back and forward on this and I don't wanna see this overflowing onto the forum.
  • DaPigman90DaPigman90
    Posts: 1IGN: dapigman90
    Yeah, I would love for this this to be in Adventure Lobbies.
    It looks really fun.
  • Expl0dingPige0nExpl0dingPige0n Bronze Donator
    Posts: 19IGN: expl0dingpige0n
    I think that this map should be added. But now there is a Cops and Robbers map 2.0! And the map looks much better than the first one. Take a look at it here and like if you would want Cops and Robbers 2.0!

  • Nickw93Nickw93
    Posts: 35IGN: nickw93
    yea the map is awsome i would love it and play for ours with all my friends
  • andrew51078andrew51078 Alpha Donator
    Posts: 1IGN: andrew51078
    i wanna play 

  • GustavCreeperGustavCreeper
    Posts: 5IGN: gustav_creeper
    Well well well i think this map should be added because me and my freinds have been having a good time play :P
  • PlanetEarthPlanetEarth
    Posts: 24IGN: lead_falcon
    This would take time to set up but I do hope this will be added!
  • Kiro0613Kiro0613 Gold Donator
    Posts: 1IGN: kiro0613
    The main reason I spammed the refresh button until the site was back up was to play this map with my friends. It would make my day if this was added. Although, I'd suggest some... modifications. For instance, the cop is too overpowered. Maybe putting this on here isn't a good idea after all...
  • milowolfmilowolf Gold DonatorVolunteer
    Posts: 301IGN: milowolf
    Well, no support from me. The main reason being, it's not really an adventure map, you basically create your own storyline, and it is basically unplayable and/or very boring without skype. And not many people on AL will want to give out their skype to complete strangers just to play a map.

    And last of all, direct quote from the maker of the map:
    "It is recommended that you play with friends as there are many "honor rules", meaning it is very to cheat, but you're a dick if you do."
    Post edited by milowolf at 2013-04-30 04:00:55
  • DanTheStripeDanTheStripe
    Posts: 2IGN: danthestripe
    Should be added! Great map!


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